The intense teaching and research activity undertaken by Antonio Hernández Gil resulted in a host of publications, including books, articles and lectures, which form one of the richest bibliographic records on the dissemination of the legal sciences. Please see below for some of the most important texts and articles written about him by prominent politicians and jurists.

Derecho<br>de obligaciones

de obligaciones

Manual that illustrates the academic facet of the author, offering students a highly refined and rigorous text on the general aspects of the law of obligations, which remains exemplary and current despite regulatory changes.

Madrid, 1960, 466 pages, reedited in 1983 by the Centro de Estudios Universitarios Ramón Areces

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El cambio<br>político español
y la constitución

El cambio
político español y la constitución

This essay, based firmly on general theories of the State, outlines the history of the Spanish transition and the drafting of the Constitution in which Antonio Hernández Gil, President of the Spanish Parliament during the constituent process, had a prominent presence, not always sufficiently known and recognised, and provides key information to understand the process.

Planeta, 1982, 581 pages.

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El abogado y el<br>razonamiento jurídico

El abogado y el
razonamiento jurídico

Essay that aims to analyse and bring to the fore the demands of logical rigor and scientific precision in the discourse of lawyers. According to Eduardo Vázquez Bote (Anuario de Derecho Civil, 1975), it implies "the absence of contraposition between thought and action", defending as the ultimate expression of the abovementioned thesis the professional work of lawyers, and examining different facets of this profession throughout its ten chapters.

Madrid, 1975, 248 pages.

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La función social 
<br>de la posesión

La función social
de la posesión

(Ensayo de teorización sociológica-jurídica) Acceptance speech into the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation given in 1967. This book unites the author’s dogmatic knowledge of possession, demonstrated in various publications and university lectures, with a sociological approach in which the possessory situation appears as an inevitable aspect in the world of social relations and describes its basic organisational role in civil law. His theses set the precedent of the social role of property in Article 3 of the 1978 Constitution.

Madrid, Alianza Editorial, 1969, 219 pages.

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El lenguaje<br>del Código Civil

El lenguaje
del Código Civil

Annual opening speeches at the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, where the linguistic aspects and singularities of the Civil Code are examined as a text that Antonio Hernández Gil considered a model of conciseness, clarity and precision, similar to the French Civil Code that Stendhal claimed to read regularly to perfect his style.

Madrid, 1st part, 1988, 106 pages, y 2nd part, 1990, 107 pages.

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Antonio Hernández Gil, Ejemplo y Lección

By Alfonso Guerra

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Antonio Hernández Gil, Presidente de la comisión general de codificación

By Aurelio Menéndez Menéndez

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El Juez Antonio Hernández Gil. Su actuación como Presidente del Tribunal Supremo

By Benigno Varela Autrán

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La metodología de la ciencia del derecho

By Juan Vallet de Goytisolo

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Los dictámenes de Don Antonio Hernández Gil

By José Mª Castán Vázquez

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Tres instantáneas en memoria

By Pedro de Lorenzo

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